Take Over

Take Over, tape as tool

Art is a breeding ground and motor for innovation and social debates. This vision inspired Kavka for ‘Take Over’. Through artistic intervention, this initiative brings creative, non-urban and ambitious youths together with politicians, city officials, researchers, activists, designers, artists and active citizens. Every edition, a curator is invited to collaborate with these youngsters around a central theme like drag, dance, loss or dissatisfaction

Our studio developed the identity for the Take Over campaign, where tape is the starting point for a graphic, activist and recognisable look. It is placed over the design, inspired by ‘tagging’ in graffiti. The coloured tape – which is different each edition – takes over the location, the area and all poster and socials. Apart from a changing colour, each edition provides the opportunity for thematic design changes.

These artistic interventions lead to new encounters and unexpected insights. The Take Over projects highlight different stories and perspectives around the social-cultural themes, revealing what is going on in society.

The first edition took place on the roof of the M HKA Museum in Antwerp, and was curated by choreographer Iris Bouche and artist Kobe Proesmans. The editions after were held at De studio, Zomerfabriek Antwerpen, Mino Art space and Stormkop.

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