The Young

The Young, a colourful strategist

The Young’s specialty is finding answers to a broad range of strategic ‘how to’ questions which challenge companies every day. How to define our Brand DNA? How to connect to customers in a meaningful way? How to expand our business while staying true to our core? The Young’s vision on brand strategy is to formulate answers to these questions with tailored strategies, connected concepts and custom creative teams.

Femke de Jonge is the driving force behind The Young. We placed quotes that represent her work ethic on her correspondence in a literal way. The colour palette consists of both subtle and pronounced colours. Her correspondence can be adjusted to the profile of a client in the way an outfit can be adjusted to a certain employer. We gave the Post-It, an essential tool for workshops, its own line of colours. Even a chocolate bar, which De Jonge uses in her workshops, was incorporated in our The Young branding.

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