Art Weekend Charlois

Art Weekend Charlois, This Could Be Rotterdam Or Anywhere

About 300 artists live and work in the Charlois neighborhood. It is a close-knit, international community of artists. With “This Could Be Rotterdam Or Anywhere,” the Art Weekend Charlois wanted to put this special area in Rotterdam-South on the map, also for people across the Maas. More than 100 artists showed their work at unusual locations in the Charlois harbor area: from empty stores and studios to living rooms, galleries and courtyards. The event also offered a side program with workshops, concerts, parties and films.

The Art Weekend asked studio de Ronners to develop a festival identity. A clear marking of studios, artworks, art initiatives and galleries was important. To this end, studio de Ronners presented a 3D surface with an additional marker cross. The spatial effect creates a dynamic effect.

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