Maas Lawrence

Maas Lawrence, a new name in publishing by Powerhouse Company

Situated between Rotterdam and Montreal, Maas Lawrence is a dynamic publishing house deeply rooted in the worlds of architecture and design. Their mission is to craft books brimming with captivating projects, resonant concepts, and exquisite imagery. Maas Lawrence places architects and designers at the forefront, creating opportunities to share new ideas, to inspire, and to give room to a diversity of voices.

On February 10, they launched their journey with the release of their first publication, ‘Episodes: Powerhouse Company,’ at Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Our studio was honored to be entrusted with the task of shaping their digital presence, culminating in the creation of their webshop that prominently showcases their books, an extensive catalog of collaborative partners, and all the information needed. Our aim was to mirror Maas Lawrence’s essence in the same manner they bring their books to life — a pleasure to make, a joy to hold in your hands, and a delight to read. Books, and it’s website, that are like companions.

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