TENT 2016

A contemporary playing field for TENT Rotterdam

TENT, one of the most prominent platforms for contemporary art in Rotterdam, intended to expand its exhibition programme and focus more on online communication (like Mailchimp). For this rebranding, they once again asked our studio to develop a new identity. TENT needed to be able to communicate clearly about several exhibitions taking place at the same time.

In TENT’s communication, we indicated each exhibition with a time slot: a modular block with a graphic grid that references a playing field, such as a tennis court or basketball court. This was inspired by the idea that the simultaneous solo and group exhibitions ‘fight’ for the visitor’s attention. The invitations look like entry tickets for the ‘match’. With this identity, TENT was able to communicate about several exhibitions at once, digitally and in print. A hole-in-one for TENT!

Het minimale lijnen- en kleurenspel keert terug in de gehele vormgeving van iedere tentoonstelling. De entreewand van de tentoonstelling, de ramen, de zaalteksten, titelbordjes en de teaser hebben dezelfde vormgeving als de online communicatie-uitingen.