KNHG, Framing History

The Royal Dutch Historical Society (KNHG) has been the most prominent union of Dutch historians for 170 years. It is one of the oldest institutes in the country with a loyal following of historians. However, in order to remain relevant, a new generation needed to be addressed. How to catapult a historical society into the present and prepare it for the future? By developing a contemporary corporate identity in which we ‘frame history’.

A common instrument in the field of history is the timeline. It is used as a tool to illustrate history by dividing it in parts and highlighting moments. The idea of a timeline forms the basis for the new identity and communication for the KNHG. On each expression – from brochure to website – the image is ‘framed’ by an abstraction of the letter H of Historical. Together they create an endless timeline that is instantly recognisable as coming from the KNHG.

The distinctive design represents both the historical and the contemporary character of the KNHG by putting images from their archive in a modern frame and by combining classical and modern letters in the logo. The Young KNHG, the platform for young historians, got its own appearance to distinguish itself and suit its specific audience.

The corporate identity functions as a tool for the KNHG to communicate with their followers and reach new audiences. Their new identity has already proven its worth: at national and international conferences, the KNHG is now able to express itself distinctively and professionally. We helped the ‘historical’ organisation enter the present!

Bronze Award!

European Design Award Brons, 2019

Category: Printed identity