Wildlife Film Festival

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, Iconic Animated Animals

How can you turn an animal into a friendly and discernible character? And how far can you go in simplifying its characteristics? For the identity campaign and motion graphics for the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR), we created an icon that is adaptable to each edition of the festival. With these animations, studio de Ronners granted one of the WFFR’s greatest wishes: a campaign that would appeal to a wide audience.

Our studio has been responsible for the festival’s visual identity and promotion since its foundation in 2015. The animation is used as a teaser announcing the festival (on social media) and at the beginning of every film during the festival. We created clear and recognisable visuals, focusing on a different animal every year (such as a flamingo and a deer). We reduced these animals to their essence and combined their defining characteristics with the WFFR logo, creating a cheerful identity suitable to visitors of all ages.