Loer architecten

Loer Architecten

Loer Architects is a Rotterdam-based firm that works on future-proof architecture with a focus on durability and craftsmanship. Loer combines several apparent contradictions in their work. They state that they create “architecture with both feet on the ground and the head in the clouds.” This duality returns in the identity we created for the firm.

Loer Architects is conceptual and pragmatic, romantic and modern, idealistic and realistic. Our graphic concept plays with this idea of ‘two worlds’. Dreams, inspiration and concept are connected to reality, sketches, scale model and building. Each time, two worlds meet at the letter O of the logo, which functions as a window into the world of Loer. On the website, this idea is translated into an animated logo that moves over both worlds as a slider. When printed, the logo reflects a frozen moment.

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