BNO, Made by Dutch designers

BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. While the organisation has been standing up for designers’ rights for over a century, there are still too many people who are unfamiliar with their practice. Out of all designers, they asked us to help them reach the designers’ community. A great place to start was the Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in Northern Europe. Here we presented the BNO to the visiting designers through a number of bold statements.

In order to reach the critical audience of designers, we designed pieces of eye candy. We placed bold statements on brightly coloured backgrounds, turning humble flyers into iconic design objects. Each flyer presents a statement and together they summarise the main characteristics of the BNO. Their main motto is “Made by Dutch designers”, which says: we are designers just like you, so join us!

Hand out, fill out, tear, exchange. The campaign was a call to action, enabling the organisation to interact with a new audience. During Dutch Design Week, the flyers were handed out by the BNO crew from tote bags saying: “What’s in it for me?”. With this campaign, the BNO can communicate in a new way, giving them the opportunity to take up a more prominent position within the designers’ community.


European Design Awards, 2020

“The flyers were used extensively and they led to many interesting conversations, reactions and interest from designers in our organisation!”

– BNO (Association of Dutch Designers)