BNO, made by Dutch designers

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the principal representative of the design sector in The Netherlands. It unites designers of all shapes and sizes: from independent designers to design agencies, along with thousands of creative professionals. Our studio developed their new visual identity.

As a starting point for the new identity, we set five core values on who the BNO is, what they do and who it’s for. We translated these values into our design choices through the usage of a big logo, big type and bold color choices, making them impossible to miss.

We also developed and launched the Dutch designers (Dd) platform for print and digital communication, that closely involves the community. We rebranded the magazine and created a yearbook. The magazine was meant to inspire and spark joy, the yearbook to celebrate and honour Dutch design. A yearly theme influences the content and the design of both publications.

A rebranding that is no-nonsense, straightforward with a touch of humor. A convincing brand with a platform for, with and made by Dutch designers


Dutch Creativity Awards, Finalist Lamp, category: Branding
European Design Awards, Silver, 2020

“The flyers were used extensively and they led to many interesting conversations, reactions and interest from designers in our organisation!”
– BNO (Association of Dutch Designers)


D&AD, Wood Pencil, Dd Magazine, Magazine Rebrand, 2023
European Design Award, Silver, Dd Magazine, Magazine, 2023