Paper Is Not Dead

Paper Is Not Dead

“Paper is dead”? Not if it’s up to us. As a graphic design agency, we believe in the importance of print, while also embracing the digital world. Paper will not be replaced by displays; they are both strong expressions that can exist next to each other. In a series of animated posters, we celebrate our love for both worlds and show how print and digital can influence, challenge and enforce one another.

In this triptych of ‘paper animations’, we play with the idea of analog versus digital by translating the aesthetics of paper to a digital medium. The motion graphics mimic paper being torn. Each new layer reveals the next word in a statement related to paper: Let’s Wrap This Up, Let’s Tear It Down, Let’s Keep On Rollin’.

This series has been selected for DEMO (Design in Motion) Festival in Amsterdam, November 2019. 


European Design Awards, 2020