Art Education Studio C

Studio C, a creative children's playground

Although Studio C only has one wall, children can easily recognise it as a creative playground. In line with research indicating red as children’s preferred color, we painted the new educational space in Museum Kranenburgh red. This deliberate choice of color establishes a distinctive “space within a space” and transforms the area into an appealing island within the museum, instantly capturing children’s attention.
The multifunctional crafting table and stools, designed by Lambert Kamps, are red as well. Young visitors are encouraged to explore their creativity by freely utilizing the craft materials provided. Furthermore, we developed Studio C’s first educational assignment: inviting children to draw a letter from the name “Studio C” to explore typography. A selection of the most fun and creative illustrations went on to form the new logo of Studio C.

Zowel de tafel als de krukjes hebben dezelfde kleur rood als de muur en de vloer. Hierdoor wordt de speciale ruimte binnen de expositiezaal extra benadrukt.

Uit de honderden letters maakte studio de Ronners een selectie die ze vervolgens digitaliseerde.