The Great Transformation

A toolbox as an identity

“Many small initiatives add up to the biggest transformation project of our time”. Under this motto, Architecture Workroom Brussels is facilitating ‘The Great Transformation 2020-2030’, a learning environment, incubator, and public program. Citizens, public authorities, companies, scientists, and organizations are joining forces to achieve concrete breakthroughs and realizations.  Using design and the power of imagination, they are forming coalitions and formulating strategic ‘Future places’ that can be developed between now and 2030. The Great Transformation is actively seeking resources to take action in the coming decade. Over the course of ten years, they will learn from relevant practices and accumulate knowledge in an online platform through conversations and working sessions.

Identity in motion
The design system developed by your studio is a bold approach to visually communicate complex issues and perspectives. By combining the principle of stacking with infinitely expandable visual imagery, The Great Transformation is able to make its goals and incentives more understandable to a wide audience.

The identity revolves around a toolbox that contains various components to work with. It includes graphic elements such as a multilingual logo, typography, and a distinct signal color. Additionally, the identity contains a diverse visual language; with its own library of photographic stock imagery, signaling iconography, and an extensive archive of material from partners and initiatives.

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) nature of the identity calls for action and enables participation, inclusion, and diversity. It empowers individuals to take part in The Great Transformation by actively propagating its objectives and bringing together diverse actors, both visually and in practice.

With this design system, The Great Transformation will have the tools to build on its manifesto for the next 10 years. The identity’s inclusive and participatory design enables the effective communication of objectives and facilitates collaboration among various stakeholders. By visually representing complex issues in an understandable way, the design system supports the mission of The Great Transformation and helps create a shared understanding among its audience.

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