Prefigurations, an exhibition for The Great Transformation

In the exhibition ‘Prefigurations’, 39 completed or yet-to-be-built projects take you on a visual journey through ten possible future places. The future places reveal what our neighbourhoods, public spaces, social infrastructure and landscapes could look like in five to 10 years’ time.

Under the slogan ‘The Great Transformation’, transition experts, designers and policymakers have put together an agenda of ten types of ‘future places’ to achieve the goals we have reach in the coming decades. The exhibition explores to what extent architecture and landscape projects are already contributing to this transition today.

The scenography structures a workspace in which new design strategies, architectural typologies, social coalitions and commissioning methods are discussed and stimulated. This perspective not only shows the quality of each project, it also shows how architecture and landscape work together to enable the necessary transition to renewable energy, sustainable food, mobility systems, circular economy, living environments and an inclusive labour market.

The campaign design and exhibition brochure are in line with the identity of ‘The Great Transformation 2020-2030’, a public programme and think tank where enterprising citizens, governments, businesses, scientists and organisations work together towards concrete realisations. Our studio developed a participatory identity as a toolbox, bringing together diverse actors and -like the Great Renovation- continues building for 10 years to come.

Architecture Workroom Brussels is facilitating this non-profit initiative with the support of de Vlaamse Overheid,  het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, de Nederlandse Rijksoverheid and the New European Bauhaus.

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