BouwJong, Visualisation of limited living space

BouwJong! (BuildYoung!) was a manifestation about youth housing in Groningen. Young people deserve quality housing, because any city needs them. They make a city come to life, by bringing innovation, art, culture and creativity. Youth housing can be a challenge, especially when their numbers increase, like in the city of Groningen. In collaboration with Platform GRAS, we created the name, logo and identity for BouwJong! in order to attract attention to this issue.

The basis for the entire identity was the iconic logo that we designed. For the BouwJong! exhibition, we developed a modular system in collaboration with designer Lambert Camp. This was a nod to the search for a new distribution of the available living space in Groningen. For the book, which explained the plans of the initiative, we created a photo essay titled ‘How does the youth of today live?’. Extraordinary fish eye photos provide an overview of the enormous diversity of their living spaces.

“Het modulaire systeem is een knipoog naar de zoektocht naar een nieuwe verdeling van de beschikbare (woon)ruimte in Groningen.”

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