Rotterdam Architecture Month ’23

Rotterdam Architecture Month ’23, Liquid City

The Rotterdam Architecture Month, the largest architecture festival in the Netherlands, focuses on envisioning the future of the city. Held annually in June, each edition finds a suitable Festival Heart in Rotterdam. In 2023, the festival embraced the theme ‘Liquid City,’ highlighting Rotterdam’s connection to water as a port city. As a result, the festival introduced a floating Festival Heart consisting of three massive barges, temporarily docked in the Maashaven.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore the barges, which showcased concrete urban solutions to water and climate issues. The first barge transformed into a floating city park, hosting lectures, debates, concerts, and various events. The second barge was dedicated to urban sports like freerunning and calisthenics. The third barge housed an exhibition focusing on the river Maas and the future Nelson Mandela Park, which will occupy the same location. Studio Marco Vermeulen, a prominent Rotterdam architecture firm, conceived the concept and layout, while the collaboration with freerunner Onur Eren brought the urban sports pushpit to life.

Since 2021, our studio develops the festival’s identity, website, campaign, and the exhibitions’ signing and wayfinding. The festival aims to gain long-term (inter)national significance. In 2019, RA Month witnessed substantial growth with over 50 activities, 70,000 visitors from around the world, and an increased online presence. Building upon this success, the festival aims to expand its events and initiatives, ensuring even greater visibility and impact.

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