100% Hedendaags

100% Hedendaags, Which type of artist are you?

Three prominent art institutions from Rotterdam found that contemporary art didn’t get enough attention in secondary education. This is why they joined forces to initiate 100% Hedendaags (100% Contemporary), an art education project for secondary education and vocational education students. Their question for us was to create an identity that reaches both students and teachers. Our attractive and easy-to-use visuals represent the DIY character of the project, which challenges the youth to start looking at art in new ways.

The project presents four artist types, which we turned into iconic cartoon characters: the Dreamer, the Sampler, the Pioneer and the Rebel. Students are triggered to ask themselves: which type would I be? Their art teachers can easily download the material from the website, which serves as a knowledge platform. This educational project is extraordinary: just look at 100% Hedendaags Magazine, which was made in collaboration with several creators. It presents the results of the project in different shapes, from longreads to photo essays. The success of 100% Hedendaags is an example to other (international) art institutions!

Watch website here