100% Hedendaags

100% Hedendaags, Which type of artist are you?

Recognizing a gap in the acknowledgment of contemporary art within secondary education, three prominent art institutions in Rotterdam united to launch “100% Hedendaags” (100% Contemporary), an art education initiative tailored for both secondary and vocational education students. Tasked with the challenge of creating an identity that resonates with both students and teachers, we crafted an engaging and user-friendly visual representation that captures the project’s DIY essence, encouraging youth to explore art in unconventional ways.

At the core of this initiative are four distinct artist archetypes— the Dreamer, the Sampler, the Pioneer, and the Rebel. These personas have been transformed into iconic cartoon characters, inviting students to ponder: Which type am I? The project aims to stimulate a fresh perspective on art, prompting self-reflection and exploration.

To facilitate educators, the project’s website serves as a comprehensive knowledge platform where art teachers can effortlessly download materials. The uniqueness of this educational endeavor extends to the captivating “100% Hedendaags Magazine,” a collaborative effort with various creators. This magazine presents project outcomes in diverse formats, from thought-provoking longreads to visually compelling photo essays.

The success achieved by 100% Hedendaags sets a precedent for other art institutions, both nationally and internationally, showcasing the impact of innovative approaches in art education.

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