Z33 family program

Z33, family program

Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, approached our studio to design a family program. The family program provides children with a fun and interactive way to engage with art.

For each edition, we collaborate with a talented young artist who creates illustrations inspired by the exhibition’s artworks. This approach allows us to establish a recognizable identity that features a playful and diverse appearance.

As part of the program, children receive a goody bag at the start of the exhibition. This bag include a flyer, a treasure map, coloring pages, stickers, and other essential items needed to complete various activities. A flyer with illustrations, provides context for the artworks, while the activities serve as a guide to help children explore different pieces, encouraging them to play, think, and experiment.


European Design Awards, 2021

Family route
Animal as an object?

Illustrations: Tijsje Revalk
exhibition: Palms, Palms, Palms

Family route
Weg is weg?

Illustrations: Elise Vandeplancke
exhibition: Le Déracinement

Family route
Het stormt!

Illustrations: Katrijn Oelbrandt
exhibition: In the Eye of the Storm

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