Veld & Vaas

Veld & Vaas, Symbiosis between a landscape historian and an artist

Veld & Vaas stands as the vibrant flower nursery and workshop co-crafted by grower and landscape historian Mariette Kamphuis and artist-florist Denise Collignon. Together, they channel their creative energies into capturing the profound and fleeting beauty found in the life cycle of flowers— from sprouting and growth to blossoming and eventual decay. Veld & Vaas, at its core, represents a harmonious blend of two worlds: the realms of art and landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the unique fusion of classic and modern elements that defines the essence of Veld & Vaas, we embarked on creating a logo and identity that stand the test of time. The dynamic logo we conceived elegantly intertwines letters reminiscent of both contemporary and early 20th-century typography. To infuse a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist, we curated floral images from an archival collection, skillfully adapting them to exude a contemporary allure.

In this amalgamation of influences, we’ve given rise to a distinctive visual identity for Veld & Vaas—a unique symbiosis that mirrors the personalities and vision of its creators. Together, they articulate a mission that goes beyond flowers: “Let’s start a flower movement!”

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