Veld & Vaas

Veld & Vaas, Symbiosis between a landscape historian and an artist

Veld & Vaas is the flower nursery and workshop of grower and landscape historian Mariette Kamphuis and artist and florist Denise Collignon. Their work focuses on the intense and fleeting beauty of sprouting, growing, blooming and decay. Veld & Vaas is a symbiosis of two personalities and two worlds: art and landscape. These characteristics formed the starting point for the logo and identity that we developed for them.

We poured the company’s characteristic combination of classic and modern into a timeless-looking identity. For the dynamic logo, for example, we used letters that represent both current and early-20th-century typography. The floral images were taken from an archive, but have been adapted by us to give them a contemporary look. These combinations and the various references to the vision of Veld & Vaas provide a unique appearance with an extraordinary symbiosis. Together we express the mission: Let’s start a flower movement!

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