Celebrating Kylian

Celebrating Kylián! Kylián! Kylián!

On March 21, 2017, the master choreographer Jiří Kylián, who lives in The Hague, turned 70. The Holland Dance Festival, Kylián Productions and Foundation, the Zuiderstrandtheater, Korzo Theater and Productions, and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrated his birthday with a varied festival; throughout the year various aspects of Kylián’s multifaceted artistry were highlighted with various programs. All this under the name ‘Celebrating Kylián!’.

Celebrating Kylián! took the form of a retrospective; once more all his masterpieces were shown together. The festival served as a tribute, and showed the versatility of his work.

The chanting of the name ‘Kylián’ (Kylián! Kylián! Kylián!) served as the basis for the festival and the communication of the festival. The typography in combination with (moving) images creates a layered and harmonious entity. The colours are based on the colour preferences of Jiří Kylián, which additionally formed a beautiful counterpart to the black-and-white portrait of Kylián, made by Anton Corbijn.

Portret door: Anton Corbijn