Rotterdam Architecture Month ’21

Rotterdam Architecture Month ’21, Discover the Undercurrent

To show all the innovative architecture and how architects design opportunities tackling societal issues, Architecture Institute Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Partners joined forces. With various parties, this active community organizes broad and accessible year-round events. In June 2021, the main event RA Month focused on Rotterdam’s undercurrent. Here people could literally experience something was bubbling under the surface by visiting the Festival Heart eight stories below Rotterdam Central Station. The exhibition in the underground parking garage, led visitors through an immense landscape of concrete rubble. It showcased how architects, the city and its inhabitants work together to become more resilient.

Our studio developed the identity, website, the campaign, and the exhibitions’ signing/wayfinding. The intervention was designed by architect Enzo Valerio. Amongst others, the partners of this edition include the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Rooftop Days, OMI, universities and many design bureaus.

The festival aspires to achieve (inter)national significance in the long term. In 2019, RA Month was taken to the next level with over 50 activities, 70.000 national and international visitors and an exponential growth online. Their events and initiatives were more visible and will be expanded further.

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