WarmteStad, From start-up to an 'Energy Movement

An initiative to make Groningen more sustainable: we are happy to contribute to that. The City of Groningen and Groningen Water Company have established WarmteStad, a new utility company focused on geothermal energy. The goal is for Groningen to be energy neutral by 2035, and WarmteStad is an important step in this direction. Our studio developed the brand identity, with which WarmteStad developed from a start-up to a new “Energy Movement”.

In order to make geothermal energy attractive to residents, we gave the logo a design and colour that makes you feel warm. We also designed the correspondence set, project brochures, campaign material and an animation that inform residents about geothermal energy in an attractive and friendly way. Thanks to this identity, WarmteStad has matured and been embraced by the people of Groningen.

Watch website here

In order to further promote their project, we designed an additional animation on the working of geothermal energy.
Watch the animation here.

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