Sponsland, A Journey Into Future Landscapes

Practically nowhere in the Netherlands does the climate challenge come together as concentrated as it does in Groningen, which makes it an ideal testing ground for climate adaptation and system change. In Sponsland – part of the Act & Adapt Design Manifestation Climate Adaptation Groningen – four Dutch and four international design agencies sketch a picture of Groningen in 2120. These agencies have provided their plans with concrete steps, the first of which can already be taken tomorrow. Our assignment: translate their plans into a ‘traveling exhibition’ that can pop-up at different places, with a manifest, a book and a website that appeal to a wide audience (politicians, policy makers, civil servants, specialists, designers, and citizens).
The collected knowledge on climate adaptation and system-changing design was published as a book, merging information from the traveling exhibition, website, and manifesto into a uniquely designed catalogue. With a perforated cover resembling a sponge, the book offered a tactile experience. Each section featured a distinct design, keeping readers surprised and engaged while presenting the content optimally. The catalogue was a success, selling over 1,000 copies in the Netherlands and international design bookshops.

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