Z33, campaign & digital identity

Z33, website & campagne identity for the House of Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture

Eindelijk! Finally! Enfin! Z33, House of Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, is renewed and reopened. With an outstanding new building and an international programme, Z33 plans to become one of the leading art institutions in Europe. Our studio was selected from an international pitch to develop the Digital House of Art, Design and Architecture.

Oasis of Friction
The new website functions as a Digital House to complement the Physical House: a place where limits are pushed, where you are confronted with the unknown. With this digital house and the new online identity, we refer to the experience, location and programme of the new Z33. It is an Oasis of Friction where you can wander through endless artistic inspiration and be amazed, but where you can also be blissfully annoyed by the unexpected.

Eindelijk! Finally! Enfin!
The publicity campaign serves as a re-acquaintance with Z33. The eagerly anticipated reopening is announced on social media and posters all throughout Belgium. We present Z33 as an Oasis of Friction: a poetic beacon in the cultural field. By teasing fragments of the new building, we spark the curiosity and invite the public to finally enter the new Z33.

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