Stadmakerscongres, Perspectives On Space

The Stadmakerscongres (City making congress) is the workplace and thinking space for creating the city. Everybody interested in the future of Rotterdam is invited to discuss ways to contribute to this project. We were asked by Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) to develop a new visual identity for the congress’s 8th edition.

Perspectives on Space
The congress raises relevant questions such as: how to deal with the increasingly limited space in the city? Inspired by this, we developed the concept Perspectives on Space. The identity and the venue design consisted of motion graphics that are constantly moving, just like the city. The word ‘Ruimte’ (Dutch for Space) reacts within the space to several related terms. The limited capacity in this design and in the city needs to be dealt with wisely!

The new identity positions the congress as an overall experience, something you want to be part of. AIR received more excited reactions and new initiatives than ever before. This marks the beginning of realising AIR’s ambitions to put the Stadmakerscongres on the map nationally and internationally.

Watch website here

“We received many compliments about the design: that it’s nice and bold, contemporary and bright, and that fits well with the city of Rotterdam. You managed to find the exact right tone of voice. The digital design seamlessly fits the analog implementation in the Schouwburg and the presentation on the stage. The visual language is consistently implemented to create a clear identity for the Stadmakerscongres. It was a true make over for the event that has made it instantly recognisable.”
– Bas van der Pol, director AIR