Rotterdam Architecture Month ’22

Rotterdam Architecture Month '22, Vista Rotterdam

Rotterdam Architecture Month, the largest annual architecture festival in the Netherlands captivates audiences with innovative themes. Each edition unveils a new Festival Heart, serving as a thematic hub within Rotterdam. The theme for the 2022 edition was ‘Vista Rotterdam!’, focussing on the essential role of design in creating a pleasant living environment and spatial transitions. This edition entailed the creation of ‘The Podium,’ a striking 29-meter-high neon pink platform situated atop the Nieuwe Instituut. This immersive experience emphasized the transformative power of architecture, offering fresh insights and inspiring conversations about the future of our built environment.

The neon pink installation, designed by MVRDV, offers visitors a unique perspective on architecture, the city, Museumpark, and the Nieuwe Instituut. With its impressive outdoor staircase, it provides breathtaking views and serves as a venue for lectures, films, and other architecture events. Inside the Nieuwe Instituut, the main exhibition, (T)Huis, showcases over 30 projects that envision the future of our living environment, covering topics such as circular energy, green roofs, vertical villages, and self-building.

Since 2021, our studio develops the festival’s identity, website, campaign, and the exhibitions’ signing and wayfinding. The festival aims to gain long-term (inter)national significance. In 2019, RA Month witnessed substantial growth with over 50 activities, 70,000 visitors from around the world, and an increased online presence. Building upon this success, the festival aims to expand its events and initiatives, ensuring even greater visibility and impact.