Design Cares

Design Cares, a bookazine for designers and healthcare

Design Cares, an initiative by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (the Dutch incentive fund for creatives), is a publication that displays the different ways in which designers can contribute to current healthcare issues. As we believed a conventional medium wouldn’t suffice, we turned Design Cares into a ‘bookazine’: a combination of a book and a magazine. This provided us with enough space for all of the content while retaining the accessible and playful character of a magazine.

Our studio designed the first two issues; both were presented at Dutch Design Week 2016, the largest international design event.

In het eerste magazine van de reeks presenteert het Stimuleringsfonds samen met buro MA.AN en STUDIO STIX de resultaten van het onderzoek over de werk- en woonomgeving van mensen met een beperking.

In de tweede editie werd het onderzoek Het Nieuwe Bartholomeus Gasthuis gepresenteerd dat gericht was op de versterking van de integrale keten van welzijn, wonen en zorg in de binnenstad van Utrecht

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