Maakkracht, a new approach for complex issues

In ‘Maakkracht’, Tabo Goudswaard and Jetske van Oosten demonstrate how everyone can address problems as a creator and initiate real, lasting change in five steps. Our studio was tasked with transforming this pressing issue into a book, published by Uitgeverij Atlas Contact and launched during the Dutch Design Week 2022.

In a time of significant societal problems, we often feel powerless. As much as we desire to contribute to a better society, our current approach to problem-solving proves inadequate. What we need is a completely different mindset and methodology: that of artists and designers. By viewing the major challenges of our time as design tasks, we can radically transform the existing system. A creative maker can raise awareness of injustices through imagination and courage. Empathetic research leads to new proposals. And by engaging all stakeholders in the process, we foster consensus and create space for a fresh approach to the issue.

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