Waterbedrijf Groningen

Waterbedrijf Groningen, Water in Revolt

Noorderzon Festival is an international arts manifestation in Groningen, drawing a large crowd each year. Waterbedrijf Groningen asked our studio to help them promote the use of tapwater at this festival. Our campaign presented tapwater as the cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to other drinks such as bottled water and alcohol. In order to stand out from the highly decorated festival site, the message needed to be visually striking.

Titled ‘Water in Opstand’ (‘Water in Revolt’), our campaign illustrated water standing up for itself and fighting back. Protest signs with bold slogans such as ‘Every drop counts’ and ‘No life without water’ could be found all over the festival site. Drinking bottles, water taps and even popsicles with a hidden message inspired visitors to become more conscious about their use of water. Waterbedrijf Groningen was incredibly happy with the result: the dearing design sparked countless reactions and discussions.

“We have had water taps at Noorderzon Festival since 2009, but this year they really stood out and we received more reactions than ever! The designs by studio de Ronners made many people notice our presence at the festival. Overall, visitors noticed we were ‘communicating with guts’, something that you wouldn’t expect from such an organisation.” The popsicles were a hit as well, sparking discussions about water and the environment among many festival visitors. Noorderzon attracts 135,000 visitors, so we reached a lot of people at once!”

Waterbedrijf Groningen

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