Touch Screens

Touch Screens, Skin Hunger

During the pandemic and through multiple lockdowns, one of the most prominent rules from the government was to keep a 1,5-meter distance. As a result, the importance of physical touch became a much talked about topic. ‘Huidhonger’ (skin hunger), or lack of physical touch, was even found out to have health related consequences in the form of sickness and depressions.

In a post-COVID world, where we no longer need to keep our distance, we created ‘Touch Screens’ te react to what we all had been through. A playful series of animations that, by swiping, touching, and licking the screen, break the fourth wall to reach for ultimate (digital) closeness. To bring digital closeness to the public, we submitted the work to DEMO festival. It got shown for 24 hours on over 5000 screens all throughout the Netherlands.