Claxe, a smart online ‘hunting tool’

Claxe, a startup aiding online marketers and web entrepreneurs in monitoring competition, sought a distinctive brand identity. Centered around the Claxe motto, “monitor your competition and sharpen your focus,” the goal was to convey the concept of a smart online “hunting tool.”

After considering animals aligning with Claxe’s traits—clear vision, attentiveness, direct action, and precision—a crocodile emerged as the fitting symbol. The Claxe crocodile is portrayed as smart, cheerful, and precise, embodying the idea of hunting webshop content and transforming clients into focused hunters.

The logo, derived from the letter C and the crocodile’s form, boasts soft lines for a friendly character. The vibrant green hue adds a digital touch suitable for an online service, ensuring attention-grabbing visuals on websites and versatility for merchandise and brand-related correspondence. The website’s additional colors, pool blue and catch salmon red, complement the smart online tool theme and evoke the crocodile’s environment.

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