Claxe, a smart online ‘hunting tool’

Startup company Claxe helps online marketeers and other web entrepreneurs in monitoring their competition. The smart ‘hunting tool’ provides insight into new developments and new businesses.

We were asked to develop a recognisable brand identity for the new startup company Claxe. The starting point was the so-called Claxe pay-off: monitor your competition and sharpen your focus. The brand identity was meant to clarify that you’re dealing with a smart online ‘hunting tool’.

We went searching for an animal that fits the character of Claxe: one who sees clearly, pays close attention to any movement, goes straight for what he wants, and goes in for the kill. This translated into a stereotypical animal symbol: a crocodile. The Claxe crocodile  looks smart, happy and precise. He hunts webshop content, keeps his eyes open and turns his clients into goal-oriented hunters.

The basic shape comes from the letter C, representing the company name and a Crocodile. Soft lines provide the logo a friendly character and the bright green colour gives it a digital look and feel, fitting an online service. The logo grabs the attention on websites and it’s easily used on merchandise and other correspondence containing the brand identity. Next to the basic colour, the website uses other colours that fit a smart online tool (and a crocodile’s environment): pool blue and catch salmon red.

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