De Wasserij

De Wasserij, slow fashion hub

De Wasserij is a breeding ground where innovative fashion professionals meet, collaborate, and exchange knowledge. Housed in a former industrial laundry facility in Rotterdam-Noord, the building offers studios to around fifty movers and shakers in the fashion industry. In De Wasserij, they and other interested individuals can make use of a fully equipped makerspace focused on fashion and textiles. Additionally, De Wasserij provides space for exhibitions, pop-ups, and a program of activities for professionals and fashion enthusiasts.

The residents of De Wasserij share a common interest: they are committed to contributing to a better future through their practices. More and more professionals, as well as consumers, are becoming aware of the extensive pollution caused by fashion. There is also growing recognition that the production of “fast fashion,” in particular, contributes to social inequality in many parts of the world.

For this new hub, our studio was tasked with establishing an identity, drawing inspiration from the fitting location. The letter “W” transformed into a laundry tub, and the logo took the form of a clothing label. This not only created a recognizable logo but also made it easily applicable across various media. Additionally, we developed the website and the wayfinding system within the building.

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