Dd Magazine 2 & Dd Yearbook ’22

Dd Magazine 2 & Dd Yearbook '22, Chaos

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. As part of their visual identity rebrand we developed the Dutch designers (Dd) platform to inspire, connect, and celebrate Dutch design(ers). Part of the Dd platform are the annual publications Dd Magazine and Dd Yearbook. In Dd Magazine, we focus on design and essays surrounding the theme, whereas the Yearbook covers everything that’s happened in Dutch design that year: from award winners to upcoming talent and student work. Both the design and content of these publications are based around a yearly, topical theme.

After a turbulent year, the 2022 theme was ‘Chaos’. We used the shortage on paper as one of the design principles. We collaborated with paper supplier Igepa and used their deadstock paper, alternating between paper with different colors, weights and finishes every eight pages, resulting in abrupt changes and unexpected combinations. Through this we referenced the current ‘chaos’ happening in the design world caused by the shortage on paper and embraced the visual clutter that resulted from it. Furthermore, we pushed the boundaries through unconventional placement of images and text, highlighting and exaggerating quirks and faults in the design. This has the same conceptually chaotic effect on the design, without making the magazine difficult to read.

For each publication we ask a different designer for the cover. Dd Magazine 2 featured an illustration by Rogier Roeters. The ‘21 Yearbook featured Maureen Kortenbusch’ graduation project The Adorning Entities. Through these publications and the involvement of the community the BNO has become a brand for, with and made by Dutch designers.