The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties, Museum Kranenburgh

Frenzied dance parties, women in men’s costumes, Josephine Baker and Bauhaus: these are images that conjure up the 1920s or Roaring Twenties. But also: the rise of fascism on the ruins of a war and a global pandemic – the Spanish flu. Fast forward a century, and we find ourselves in yet another eventful decade. In this exhibition, guest curators Colin Huizing, Liesbeth in ‘t Hout and Wieki Somers invite the visitor to reflect on the Twenties, both past and present, through the lenses of art, fashion, and design. What are the aspirations shared by artists from then and now? Can we discern parallels between these epochs? How do these creators encapsulate the spirit of their times?

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to peer into the perspectives of approximately 60 distinguished contemporary and historical artists, designers, and fashion visionaries. They offer the visitor insights into a swiftly transforming world, shaped by the inexorable forces of technological advancement, societal commitment, and a fresh outlook on gender and empowerment. Our studio was entrusted with the design of the communication elements and exhibition layout, featuring a vibrant silver entrance and a myriad of colorful enhancements to bring the exhibition to life.

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